Everyone wants to do business with people they like. Our clients trust our experience and value our loyalty, but they also like the people we are.

We take the time to relate to our clients, and sometimes even have a little fun with them. Our full-time team works with a handpicked roster of consultants, which means we have the ability to scale our team based on our clients’ needs.

Amish Morjaria Amish Morjaria

Amish Morjaria


Where traditionalists associate marketing with the obvious – events and advertisements – Amish lives in a world of turning abstract thoughts into marketing strategies. At his core lies the belief that every story deserves a voice.

Although his roots are in legal marketing, they’ve since grown wilder, diverging into a variety of service-oriented industries. In looking at a client’s unique situation in its entirety, Amish is able to see the forest for the trees. He sets his sights on the destination then creates the right plan to propel the journey. Challenging clients to explore new territories and navigate strategies that drive growth is what fuels his creative determination. That, and music. Somehow, the sound of Eddie Vedder’s powerful and soothing wail helps him produce top notch marketing plans.

We help you grow.

By connecting you to people, ideas, and results. We help you focus your energy on what you love about your company – which allows great ideas to flow, and growth to occur naturally.

Jon Holden Jon Holden

Jon Holden


It is the rare individual who is capable of working quickly and accurately. Enter Jon Holden: a creative adrenaline junky with a penchant for details. Jon vibrates at a higher frequency than most – although that could be attributed to the Tim Horton’s coffee constantly coursing through his veins. He is unique in that the more he tackles, the more calm and collected he becomes. If Jon isn’t developing campaigns that are seamlessly integrated with a client’s strategy, or meticulously working through the details that will bring that campaign to life, his head is spinning with endless new ideas, whether it’s an undeveloped iOS app, a fresh blog, or a genius product invention.

Jon is a problem solver who thrives on new challenges. He views these moments as opportunities to make his mark, determining what the client’s business actually needs, then creating solutions to address them. Jon will guide you from idea to execution, elevating your brand at every touch point. His work ethic, charming interpersonal skills, deep love of music, and self-deprecating humour can all be attributed to his Newfie roots. Oh – and just for fun – ask him to say “bear” next time you see him.

We provide leadership.

Guided by passion and clear direction, we work to narrow your business’s focus, so you can move forward down a clear path. In doing so, we challenge decisions to ensure they align with your goals.

Jeff Holden Jeff Holden

Jeff Holden

Creative Lead

Jeff’s infectiously happy and easygoing demeanour is evident, greeting everyone and anyone with a chipper, “Hey buddy!” He’s a creative mind with a passion for graphic design and a sheer love for music. Jeff believes that these two mediums are inextricably linked – they both seek to convey a message and create impact that will resonate with an audience long after they’ve been received. He works closely with clients to gain a clear understanding of what their needs are straight out the gate – carefully listening to their story, learning where they want to take it next, and determining how their message can be visually interpreted.

Although the design process itself may require a few too many cups of coffee (and a Band of Horses album on loop), Jeff thoroughly enjoys the challenge and approaches each project with an unmatched level of tenacity. He approaches volunteer work with that same level of commitment through giving his time to design projects for the Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre.

We give your story a voice.

Anyone can tell a story, but finding the authentic story is what makes all the difference. We create engaging experiences for your audiences – the kind that allow them to genuinely connect with you.

Richard Saad Richard Saad

Richard Saad

Content Strategist

Richard takes a wide-angle view of content production, developing strategy unique to each client and need, to ensure that all content works in-sync to speak to our clients’ purpose and move their business forward.

We solve your marketing challenges.

By collaborating with you long-term, we determine your greatest needs, predict and prepare for obstacles before they arise, and develop a marketing plan that helps you implement positive solutions.

Katie Graham Katie Graham

Katie Graham

Marketing Coordinator

Katie quarterbacks Forward Level processes and client initiatives, driving our forward-momentum and ensuring the pieces come together, while working with clients to make their big ideas happen.

We’re highly adaptable to change.

Curveballs and shifting priorities are a reality for us. We maintain a fluid marketing approach which allows for changes when they arise, keeping your business and marketing goals aligned.

Matt Sutton Matt Sutton

Matt Sutton

Market Research Coordinator

Matt focuses on market and competitor intelligence, identifying dangers, opportunities, and strengths for each client that help form the foundation of every marketing strategy we develop.

We genuinely love marketing.

Our culture is one of limitless passion where ideas are always flowing even when we’ve closed our computers for the day, because we truly care about helping you achieve your goals.

Tyler Engström Tyler Engström

Tyler Engström

Brand Content Coordinator

Tyler develops the content behind core brand resources, including web copy, print & digital collateral, and advertisements, so that every resource speaks to our clients’ identity and engages their audience.

We start with strategy.

We look at where your business is today, where you want to be in the future, and develop long-term marketing strategies that form the foundation of everything we do to help you get there.

Nathan Eckford Nathan Eckford

Nathan Eckford

Digital Marketing Advisor

Nathan creates functional, responsive, and user friendly websites to drive high-end brand experiences, and optimizes digital campaigns through testing and SEO to turn hits into leads.

Our team is your team.

From research and planning to implementation and evaluation, our team is built with cohesiveness and complementary talent in mind. Our team becomes part of yours, and together, we help you move forward.