The Blair Witch Project: a case study in viral marketing

Cover Image: Dark, spooky woods. This is the cover image of a blog about The Blair Witch Project's Marketing campaign.

How a low-budget horror movie scared up record profits using marketing witchcraft   “In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary. A year later, their footage was found.” – Original prologue for “The Blair Witch Project”  Everyone remembers their sense of dread while watching the…

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Content marketing strategy and Formula 1’s Drive to Survive

Do television shows usually seem like marketing tactics to you? Sure, you’ll see advertisements depending on where you watch. Reality TV has a reputation as a place otherwise unknown actors or entertainment business hopefuls can go to market themselves, but what if the program itself was the advertisement? What if the entire underlying approach to…

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A marketing strategy vs. a marketing plan

marketing strategy vs marketing plan thumbnail

While “plan” is a synonym of “strategy,” a marketing strategy and a marketing plan are different. Each is an essential part of any marketing foundation. Used together, a marketing strategy and plan help you get the most out of your marketing efforts. Here, we’ll explain the basics of a marketing strategy and a marketing plan.…

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Demystifying marketing through education

demystifying marketing

Growing a business of any kind follows a similar series of events and priorities. These include hirings, launches, partnerships, and a whole lot of other decisions and investments. Growing a business is also time-consuming. Heck, prioritizing where you’ll be spending your dollars can feel like a full-time job in itself. We get it. As entrepreneurs,…

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The best part of the Super Bowl? The ads, of course

The matchup is set, and the city is buzzing. This Sunday in Los Angeles, the two greatest franchises in NFL history, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams, will face off in Super Bowl LVI. And this blog about advertising during the Super Bowl is almost definitely dated by the time you read it.…

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NFT, 123, baby you and me!

Whenever I hear the acronym “NFT” (aka non-fungible token), my mind immediately plays the tune of “ABC” by the Jackson 5. Why does it pop into my head? I don’t know. I worked at a record store for a long time. Any combination of words and letters that could reasonably match the tune of a song…

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Adopt a learning mindset in your marketing

As I wrote in our previous blog, a solid marketing strategy is the only way to properly focus your resources on achieving your business goals. Once you’ve developed a marketing strategy, there’s no need to feel like the canary in a coal mine when it comes time to implement. Marketing is a big investment into…

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Stop chasing, start strategic marketing

Strategic marketing isn’t about guaranteeing success or playing it safe. It’s about increasing your chances of success. Strategic marketing helps you pull the right levels, understand the potential outcomes of your actions, and align your marketing tactics to your business goals. But first, a hockey analogy If you know hockey, you know about the “dump…

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