How to Build a Brand That Lasts

Building a brand that stands the test of time sounds, generally, like a good thing to aspire to. And it is! So long as we understand that creating a brand that will last is not the same as creating a brand that never changes. Countless brands come to mind when we think of those that…

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Want to create a strong bond with your customers? Tell a great story

Storytelling connects businesses with consumers

People love good storytelling. It’s a scientific fact that we are hardwired to dramatize, to imagine, and immerse ourselves in good stories. Neuroscientists can demonstrate that our brains light up like Christmas trees when we are absorbed in a compelling story. Our motor cortexes, emotions, imagining sensations and visual image processing are all working overtime.…

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People buy who you are

Imitation rarely gets us very far. It can be a good substitute when you can’t have the real thing (think Beyond Meat, faux fur, Cheese Wiz). But it’s still an imitation. If there’s no moral or physical obligations or limitations to stop us from having the real thing, we almost always choose the real thing.…

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