How to use purpose-driven marketing to drive sales

Customers want more from their brands. It’s not about cost as it is about value. They want to see you’re your company as part of the bigger picture. They want to know that their purchase means something. That’s where purpose-driven marketing comes in. Forward-thinking companies position their products based on the shared interests and common…

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And… we’re live! Project 55 Foundation launch

project 55 logo

Community is a way of being here at Forward Level. It is a mindset that runs through everything we do, so when Colton Parayko of the St. Louis Blues and Treadstone Sports Agency came to us for help with the launch of Colton’s non-profit organization, Project 55 Foundation, this was a no-brainer for us. After two years…

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Great storytelling = better customer relationships

better customer relationships through storytelling

People love good storytelling. It’s a scientific fact that we are hardwired to dramatize, to imagine, and immerse ourselves in good stories. Neuroscientists can demonstrate that our brains light up like Christmas trees when we are absorbed in a compelling story. Our motor cortexes, emotions, imagining sensations and visual image processing are all working overtime.…

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People buy who you are

Imitation rarely gets us very far. It can be a good substitute when you can’t have the real thing (think Beyond Meat, faux fur, Cheese Wiz). But it’s still an imitation. If there’s no moral or physical obligations or limitations to stop us from having the real thing, we almost always choose the real thing.…

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