Our approach is simple.

We take marketing off your plate and do what’s right for your business, period. Together, we’ll build the right strategy to help you grow and provide strategic implementation that ensures your marketing is fully covered. Your current and potential clients should understand and appreciate the value of your business. We make that happen.

We're business owners too.

When we listen, we do so intently. When we talk, we tell it like it is. And when we work, we do the kind of work that provides real value. We put a lot of weight into building great relationships built on trust and respect. And we do it all because we understand what it means to be a business owner.

Our people are your people.

When you work with us, you get to know everyone. We’re a team of specialists where each person brings unique value to the table, so you know your marketing is in really good hands.


Amish Morjaria
Founder & CEO

Amish started Forward Level on his own and grew it into what it is today, and now his focus is on growing it into tomorrow. He’s the dot connecter, seeing how things connect and fit together even when they don’t seem related. A Top 40 Under 40 winner, Amish is the perfect example of “interested and interesting.” But there’s one thing you should probably know, and fair warning: it’s controversial. He hates cheese. Hates it. But loves pizza? We will never understand this.

What Does Move Forward Mean to You?

“Do whatever it takes to get to the next level.”


Jon Holden

Jon keeps Forward Level running on a freshly paved road (smooth). He’s an expert at finding solutions for anything and everything business and marketing related (or related to an Apple product), even long before problems exist. When asked to sum up what his perfect day would look like, Jon says, “helping someone out,” and we think that tells you everything you need to know.

The Most Noteworthy Thing That’s Ever Happened:

“Meeting my wife.”


Chelsea Balsdon
Marketing Manager

Chelsea manages the trajectory of marketing for clients. She’s a builder of humanized brands and growth mindsets, removing barriers and playing at both the strategy and the tactic level to achieve real impact. She also always seems to have 128 tabs open on her browser. Excessive, right? But her favourite quote is “the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious,” so maybe in each of those tabs is a new possibility. Sounds nice to us.

Formerly Famous for Sure

“I used to be a sponsored snowboarder. I miss the competition (and free gear).”


Jeff Holden
Creative Director

Jeff is a creative problem solver who listens intently and makes sure all egos are checked at the door. The ego-thing is no exaggeration, if Jeff could invent his own title, he’d make himself the “What Can I Help You With Guy” or “No Title, Don’t Believe In Them Guy” (he never said creating short titles was his strong suit). Jeff believes in loyalty and hard work, knowing everything else will work out in the wash.

If You Had to do Something Completely Different, Then What?

“I’d own a skateboard shop.”


Lisa Laughton
Client Advisor

What does Lisa do in five words? Plan, organize, communicate, deliver, and evaluate – no detail, no matter how small, gets missed. Lisa is never without her phone, and it never seems to stop buzzing. Is she that popular? Probably, but it’s usually because she’s talking and texting with clients, making sure their needs are met and figuring out a plan for what’s next. She also watches a ton of reality TV on it… we’ve seen it.

What Does Move Forward Mean to You?

“Making peoples’ lives better socially, economically, emotionally, and physically.”


Richard Saad
Content Strategist

Richard’s main focus is producing multimedia for the web, knowing how all the pieces have to fit together to best tell the story. In his free time, he enjoys listening to “Heaven is a Place on Earth.” Richard believes that just because something is traditional, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved or abandoned entirely. “Ooooo baby, do you know what that’s worth?” We do – that’s why he works here.

The One Thing You Gotta Know:

“I dislike flan, and flan-related desserts.”


Nathan Eckford
Digital Marketing Specialist

Nathan brings digital marketing campaigns and websites to life. If you can dream it, Nathan will find a way to build it. Citing Edward Bernays, the father of public relations, as one of his heroes, Nathan doesn’t just know how to build campaigns that work, he knows why they’ll work. He’s also big into scuba and deep-sea diving, which makes sense: if there’s something we don’t fully understand (even if that something is as big as the ocean) Nathan will be the first in line to learn about it.

Your Most Controversial Opinion (or Hey, Wait, I Got a New Complaint)

“The band Nirvana is horrible… every single song.”


Tyler Engström
Content Strategist

Tyler puts the best words in the best order, and loves finding what he calls “not the best words,” and putting them out to pasture. Tyler helps clients build and refine their brand by putting true audience connection first. He’s written for everyone from local magazines to national brands, and about everything from musicians nobody has heard of to the rise of bitcoin (which he just assumes you’ve heard of). Ask him how it’s going, the answer’s simple: “crushin’ it.”

If You Had to do Something Completely Different, Then What?

“I’d spin records at a local downtown for free pints.”


Carey Roberts
Content Strategist

Carey describes himself as a “person of letters” and someone who connects people through words. Pretty accurate, to be honest, but his secret sauce is his boundless imagination and willingness to try something new, and never being quite satisfied. Carey takes time to appreciate things, because in his words, “life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” (Wait, that sounds familiar, any copyright lawyers out there?)

The Worst Song in the World

“’If I Had a Million Dollars,’ … I’d make sure that song never got played again.”


Karan Pala
Marketing Intern

Karan is our newest intern, but he’d prefer you call him our “Certified Millennial and Collector of Bootless Facts.” Call him what you wish, Karan helps Forward Level tick by helping everyone out whenever needed and ensuring everything we do keeps the client front and center. If he could do anything, Karan would drive trains, or planes, or boats… we think what he’s saying is that he wants to “steer the ship,” and with heroes like AOC and Jacinda Arden, we think it’s all but inevitable.

Damn, That’s Delicious

“I’m a major foodie. Eating, cooking, reading, watching… I love everything food related.”


Kelly Leschasin
Business Development Manager

Kelly helps business owners capture and take advantage of marketing opportunities. He’s a good listener and a strategic thinker, understanding the obstacles many clients face and how strategic marketing can help. Ask him his favourite song, and Kelly will say “Common People” by Pulp. Though, based on his interest in cryptocurrency, his former role as a photo double for Ewan McGregor, and his controversial opinion on avocados (they’re gross), we think he’s anything but.

The Perfect Day

In the mountains with my skis strapped on, surrounded by good friends.

Giving back to the

Without a great community around you, you’re on an island, and not a nice all-inclusive island resort either. That’s why we do our best to give back to our amazing local community as often as we can.