“Don’t bunt.” Swing for the parking lot.

Another World Series is done. The strategies that made the biggest impact make good fodder for sports radio, but David Ogilvy, a constant proponent of the ‘big idea,’ said it best:

“Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark. Aim for the company of immortals.”

How often have you prioritized safety or simply gone with ‘what works’? Sometimes it feels required, but companies can get into the habit of sticking with what “works” even if it just means sticking with something they know versus the unknown.

It’s a natural habit, but in order to grow, you must be willing to change and take calculated risks. There are businesses that almost solely exist in the comfort zone. It can be the default when you’re in survival mode, or when you have limited focus to put towards marketing strategy. We work with a lot of clients today that are changing the landscape around them. The difference between those that are changing the game and those that just “are” is how often they’re willing to swing.

In baseball, bunting at the right time can get you on base and increase the team’s chance to get runs in. When you’re marketing your business, there’s nobody behind you to send you home. Getting on base feels good, but it doesn’t increase your “run count” in business — it’s not going to help you reach your business goals.

Swing for a home run. Aiming to knock it out of the ballpark comes with an increased risk of missing completely, but it’s why we put such a high emphasis on strategy with our clients. When it’s time to swing, a strong strategy and a clear result in mind increase the chance of making contact, and when the ideas are bold, they go far, and so will your business.

Go for the big idea.

When big ideas connect, you’ll put your business goals in reach. You might have to knock the dust off and swing again, but the companies that have the most success are the ones that aren’t afraid to swing.

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