Design is not automatic for me

After eleven years as a graphic designer, design still isn’t automatic for me… and I never want it to be. Why would I want it that way? As a creative being, design is a process – a very long and uncomfortable process. But it’s the uncomfortable areas that make me the designer I am. The headspace in which my creativity searches for life, and eventually finds its way to whichever graphic or digital medium it was meant to influence.

Now I don’t mean uncomfortable like “this couch is really uncomfortable”. This discomfort is an enjoyable frustration within my head where multiple ideas wrestle simultaneously. Some have merit, and others, not so much. It’s the place where design starts taking life. It’s the weeding out of the bits and pieces; where the good ideas have bad bits and the bad ideas have good pieces, and after mashing them all together… well, it’s something. So, is this where it ends? Not even close.

The creative journey I take is different every time. Sometimes my first idea may be the best one, but I’ll never know until I finish the journey. It’s this journey that makes me excited about new ideas and problem solving, yet makes me swear like a trucker and pull my hair out. The journey that took many cups of joe and maybe a few Advil along the way, but produced an end result that the client is absolutely ecstatic about.

Some people say it’s more about the journey than the destination, but the creative being I am thinks it’s both. And I frustratingly enjoy this journey every time because… design is not automatic for me.

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