FLM gets a fresh coat of (web) paint

We are proud mommas and poppas today, announcing the launch of our brand-new website! Over the years we’ve listened to our clients talk about the unique and positive experience of partnering with Forward Level, and we thought “how can we better express that experience through our website?” That’s how the idea was born, and how…

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Stop letting "good enough" be good enough

If you’re an established business, chances are high that you’ve got, at a minimum, a website and some sort of lead generation strategy. Maybe you’re active on social media, utilize print or digital advertising, and showcase at conferences or seminars. It’s good enough, you think, but “good enough” means it can always be better.

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A small business owner's manifesto

As part of an effort to promote Small Business Week, I was invited by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce to participate in their six-part blog series focusing on small businesses in Calgary. Writing this blog allowed me to reflect on the past three years following the launch of Forward Level, and while I wouldn’t necessarily…

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