Small Business

A small business owner's manifesto

As part of an effort to promote Small Business Week, I was invited by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce to participate in their six-part blog series focusing on small businesses in Calgary. Writing this blog allowed me to reflect on the past three years following the launch of Forward Level, and while I wouldn’t necessarily…

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The ghost of the office

The remote employee… it’s a strange gig. You’re the ghost of the office. Everyone knows you’re around, but you’re not chatting over morning coffee, sharing laughs throughout the day or going out for drinks after work. While these “extras” are important aspects of team building and entrenching an employee within a company, are they necessary…

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We are all storytellers…

A few months back I had a very interesting conversation with a gentleman. In a fairly short period of time, we covered a variety of topics, starting with sports and slowly evolving to business and marketing. While the entire conversation was a fast-paced exchange of thoughts, one such thought has remained with me ever since

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