Forward Level Careers... be creative, think big.

FLM is to move forward.

Whether it’s our people, clients, or community in mind, we approach every single day with that one purpose. Our culture is one of respect, loyalty, and comradery. We look out for one another, challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves, and are always united. FLM is a destination for talent that has the resilient urge to exponentially grow and inspire big ideas. This is much more than just “going to work”, it is about moving ourselves forward.

With great purpose comes great expectations. We handpick each team member to join the FLM family because first and foremost, you are the right fit. Beyond your unique skill set, you possess the emotional intelligence to be a leader on our team, with our clients, and in our community.

If you like what you are hearing, check out the amazing opportunities below to become a valuable member of the Forward Level team.

Executive Administrative Assistant

When your friends describe you, it usually starts with “they’re so organized.” Whether it’s colour coordinating your personal files, finding new ways to simplify processes, or having a pantry that is the envy of any major restaurant, you find complete joy in organization, efficiency, and helping others.

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Content Strategist

Content is king, and we are looking for our King or Queen of content – strategy, that is.

As you walk into the office you manage to reply to an email on your phone, dabble in some banter with the team, and drink your coffee all at the same time. Today’s priorities are ready and waiting, because you’re organized like that. But first things first: since you’ve already checked your email you know that Client A approved the website content strategy last night – yes! Call client, assemble team for content strategy meeting, kickoff the project – done. Efficiency is key, right?

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Junior Graphic Designer

When you were a kid, you eventually lost interest in organized activities, not because they weren’t fun, but because you found more enjoyment being creative in Photoshop, sketching endlessly, and taking photos. Your passion for design had been launched!

You’ve realized that what your friends and family consider “playing on the computer” is legitimately your future career. Yes, getting paid for creating cool stuff is the path you desire. People may look at you listening to music and being creative, and call you artsy… but to us, you’re just cool, and a key part of our business. Quickly and accurately switching between Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator is something you take pride in, and you will embrace this new creative challenge to show off your mad skills to our team and clients.

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