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How the last two months have made us better

A little over two months ago, my business partner Amish and I ended up on what seems like the first Zoom call of the subsequent 4875 that have happened since. What seemed abnormal then is the new normal now. That which felt hard now seems easy. It’s funny how time does that to you. Through…
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Simple & Effective

Business owners are drinking from a fire hose right now. Every day brings a new government initiative designed to keep the doors open, and there is an endless flow of advice on how to operate your business during challenging times. While the focus has been on defence and risk mitigation, now is the time to…
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Storytelling connects businesses with consumers

Want to create a strong bond with your customers? Tell a great story

People love good storytelling. It’s a scientific fact that we are hardwired to dramatize, to imagine, and immerse ourselves in good stories. Neuroscientists can demonstrate that our brains light up like Christmas trees when we are absorbed in a compelling story. Our motor cortexes, emotions, imagining sensations and visual image processing are all working overtime.…
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consumer behaviour COVID-19

How adversity shapes consumer behaviour

Consumer behaviour has been altered by large-scale social and economic variables for as long as economies have existed. I never once saw my mom buy a new roll of aluminum foil. She would use the same well-worn sheet for baking, clean it and then return it to the box. This frugality was passed on to…
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A full-service marketing agency model that actually works (for you)

Let’s say you’ve come to the realization you need marketing support. Do you rely on freelancers, hire someone, build your own team, or hire an agency? Each option has benefits, drawbacks, and unique considerations. Your decision probably rests heavily on what exactly you need compared against what you can afford. We believe the fact that…
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This changes everything… let’s make it for the better

A week or so ago, we all suddenly found ourselves living in a new reality as entrepreneurs/business owners. After spending what feels like a million hours thinking about our businesses, reading blogs, listening to audiobooks, and having long conversations with other entrepreneurs about where we want to take our businesses, we suddenly find ourselves living…
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People buy who you are

Imitation rarely gets us very far. It can be a good substitute when you can’t have the real thing (think Beyond Meat, faux fur, Cheese Wiz). But it’s still an imitation. If there’s no moral or physical obligations or limitations to stop us from having the real thing, we almost always choose the real thing.…
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Top 40 Under 40

This month we celebrate our founder Amish Morjaria for being recognized by Avenue Magazine as one of the Top 40 Under 40! The editors combed through 800 nominations – the most in history – to choose the elite class of 2019. We sat down with Amish on the eve of the Gala Celebration at the…
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