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To our people, thank you

By Jon Holden, COO | Oct 9, 2020

In 2020, the only constant has been change. The way we’ve done things has been put to the ultimate stress test. New questions as to what the new normal will be continues to grow daily.   What we see is that while things have changed, they have also really emphasized the importance of something foundational:…

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How the last two months have made us better

By Jon Holden, COO | May 26, 2020

A little over two months ago, my business partner Amish and I ended up on what seems like the first Zoom call of the subsequent 4875 that have happened since. What seemed abnormal then is the new normal now. That which felt hard now seems easy. It’s funny how time does that to you. Through…

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This changes everything… let’s make it for the better

By Jon Holden, COO | Mar 25, 2020

A week or so ago, we all suddenly found ourselves living in a new reality as entrepreneurs/business owners. After spending what feels like a million hours thinking about our businesses, reading blogs, listening to audiobooks, and having long conversations with other entrepreneurs about where we want to take our businesses, we suddenly find ourselves living…

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