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Celebrating 10 Years of Moving Our People and Our Community Forward

By Forward Level Marketing | Sep 15, 2021

Ten years ago, on September 15, 2011, Forward Level Marketing was born. To put it lightly, it’s been a crazy decade with some amazing highs. We’re proud to say that we made it to where we are today driven by the same purpose we started with: to move our people and our community forward. For…

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How marketing strategy can be the key to diversifying your revenue

By Forward Level Marketing | Feb 23, 2021

If you weren’t already aware of the benefits of diversifying your business revenue, the last year has made it abundantly clear. Depending on limited sources of revenue including individual products or services, major clients, or markets, leaves you vulnerable. If something impacts your main revenue driver and you don’t have revenue streams that can offset…

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Accessing new revenue streams through effective marketing

By Forward Level Marketing | Jul 30, 2020

Effective marketing can turn big ideas with a ton of potential into real, profitable new revenue streams for your business. On July 29, Forward Level CEO Amish Morjaria and COO Jon Holden hosted a webinar with guest Kim G C Moody, CEO of Moodys Tax, on how marketing helped him launch a brand new online…

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Top 40 Under 40

By Forward Level Marketing | Nov 8, 2019

This month we celebrate our founder Amish Morjaria for being recognized by Avenue Magazine as one of the Top 40 Under 40! The editors combed through 800 nominations – the most in history – to choose the elite class of 2019. We sat down with Amish on the eve of the Gala Celebration at the…

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Move Forward – Episode 1: The Human Side of B2B Marketing

By Forward Level Marketing | Jan 15, 2019

Marketing isn’t just about brochures and social media posts, it’s about people and how they understand and interact with the world around them. In our first episode of Move Forward, Jon and Amish visit Telus Spark where they explore what it means to be human, and how it relates to their day-to-day lives as B2B…

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The power of purpose and Corporate Social Responsibility

By Forward Level Marketing | Oct 18, 2018

When our clients walk the talk, we get inspired. This past September, our client, Westcor, took a huge step forward by launching Building a better community: A Westcor people-first initiative. It was our privilege to help them kick off this long-term initiative with a great event, rallying their business and trade partners to raise over…

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FLM gets a fresh coat of (web) paint

By Forward Level Marketing | Jul 26, 2018

We are proud mommas and poppas today, announcing the launch of our brand-new website! Over the years we’ve listened to our clients talk about the unique and positive experience of partnering with Forward Level, and we thought “how can we better express that experience through our website?” That’s how the idea was born, and how…

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FLM and Stand & Command partner to sponsor Calgary Folk Music Festival 2018

By Forward Level Marketing | Jul 23, 2018

We are proud to announce that we have joined forces with our friends at Stand & Command for the second consecutive year as sponsors to bring you the move forward yyc™ at the Calgary Folk Music Festival 2018. move forward yyc™ is a community of entrepreneurs moving our community forward. As Founding Partners, we’re proud…

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Stop letting "good enough" be good enough

By Forward Level Marketing | Feb 8, 2018

If you’re an established business, chances are high that you’ve got, at a minimum, a website and some sort of lead generation strategy. Maybe you’re active on social media, utilize print or digital advertising, and showcase at conferences or seminars. It’s good enough, you think, but “good enough” means it can always be better.

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Don’t overcommit to one audience

By Forward Level Marketing | Jan 25, 2018

John Pemberton turned a cure for morphine addiction into the most popular soft drink in the world. Sometimes the right pivot at the right time changes everything.

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When it comes to content, less is often more.

By Forward Level Marketing | Jan 16, 2018

Producing a high volume of content can and likely will raise your profile on Google searches or social media, but content that doesn’t align with your strategy will eventually hurt your brand down the line.

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It’s 2018, but it’s never too late to start engaging on social media

By Forward Level Marketing | Jan 10, 2018

It’s 2018, and if your company still isn’t active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or other social networks that apply, there’s room for improvement.

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Anti-Resolution: Stop selling your product as a product

By Forward Level Marketing | Jan 5, 2018

January sees many new year’s resolutions made and broken (in fact, as little as 8% of resolutions stick). Some of you might have even broken one or two already, but when thinking about marketing for your business, it’s important to make resolutions you can commit to.

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“How did I miss that?” – 8 tips for editing and proofing like a pro

By Forward Level Marketing | Oct 30, 2017

Hands up if you’ve ever uttered, “How did I miss that?” Whether it was an email, a tweet or a press release, there’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling after noticing an error in your writing (especially when spotted approximately three seconds after pressing ‘send’).

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Key marketing strategies to grow your business post-recession

By Forward Level Marketing | Apr 20, 2017

In August, we wrote a blog about the reasons why you shouldn’t cut your marketing budget during a recession. Eight months later, as we start to hear predictions of a return to economic growth in 2017, we sat down with Josh Ronald from Stawowski McGill, a team of business and financial advisors who collaborate with…

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