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Why authentic leadership is more important than ever

By Amish Morjaria, Founder and CEO | Jan 20, 2021

“It isn’t about the words you say. It’s about the energetic message you send.” – Pete Carroll, Head Coach, Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll’s energy and passion for the game are infectious. You never see him get in a player’s face after a bad play. Even when his team is losing, Pete rallies his players and…

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Riding the pandemic bull: How to survive tough times (without losing your shirt)

By Amish Morjaria, Founder and CEO | Nov 12, 2020

When Connor Curran decided to start his own clothing company, he had no idea where to begin. So he took out his laptop and Googled ‘How to start a T-shirt company,’ and watched a YouTube video. Soon after, Local Laundry was born. Since 2015, Connor has used his company to do more than just sell…

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Riding the pandemic bull: How to land on your feet.

By Amish Morjaria, Founder and CEO | Nov 3, 2020

Adam Thompson jumped in with both feet when he started Friday Sock Co. in 2015. He took his love of colourful footwear and turned it into a $1 million a year business with more than 400 retail partners in Canada and the United States. Adam’s mismatched sock designs run the gamut from bacon and eggs,…

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Riding the pandemic bull – small business style.

By Amish Morjaria, Founder and CEO | Oct 21, 2020

Photo by Bobby Owens Photography.  We’ve hit the seven-month mark of navigating our businesses through a turbulent economic environment. If there were a metaphor for this ride we’ve been on, I’d imagine it to be a tough, snorting bull at the Stampede Rodeo, one that only the fiercest of bull riders would dare to ride…

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Marketing and Sales are different, but the magic happens together

By Amish Morjaria, Founder and CEO | Jun 23, 2020

There seems to be a grey area between marketing and sales. To the unfamiliar, it can be hard to distinguish where one begins and the other ends. But sales is not marketing, and marketing is not sales. They work together to achieve the desired outcome, whether that be new customers or new clients. The relationship…

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Simple & Effective

By Amish Morjaria, Founder and CEO | May 22, 2020

Business owners are drinking from a fire hose right now. Every day brings a new government initiative designed to keep the doors open, and there is an endless flow of advice on how to operate your business during challenging times. While the focus has been on defence and risk mitigation, now is the time to…

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