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“How did I miss that?” – 8 tips for proofing like a pro

Hands up if you’ve ever uttered, “How did I miss that?” Yeah, we see you…and we’ve been there, too. Whether it was an email, a tweet or a press release, there’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling after noticing an error in your writing (especially when spotted approximately three seconds after pressing ‘send’).

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Key marketing strategies to grow your business post-recession

In August, we wrote a blog about the reasons why you shouldn’t cut your marketing budget during a recession. Eight months later, as we start to hear predictions of a return to economic growth in 2017, we sat down with Josh Ronald from Stawowski McGill, a team of business and financial advisors who collaborate with business owners to bring the clarity, confidence, and control required to take their business to the next level. We discussed what companies should now be doing to refine their business and marketing strategies to ensure they are aligned with the new economy once it arrives.

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Four tips for new legal marketers

We all remember that first day walking into the firm. For me, I was intently looking for the lock up. After binge watching Law and Order as a kid, criminal law and police drama was my only experience with the law.

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We hear you… and we get it.

It’s that time of year again, when legal marketers from around North America congregate in one location to learn, share, and connect. The annual LMA Conference in Las Vegas is upon us, and as we head into one of the most anticipated weeks of the year, we do so with only one goal… to help others in legal marketing.

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